Welcome to Emi's Trinkets!

♡ Let me introduce myself 

   My name is Emily Michelle, Emi for short. I am a young Graphic Designer and Artist for these lovely trinkets. This Brand is currently stationed in West Palm Beach Florida and has been founded on its uniqueness and creativity!
I am a Empath of sorts who loves Crystals, Stones and Art. This shop is meant for the unique everything here is one of a kind and made by hand by the artist! 
Emi's Trinkets launched October 20, 2020 with increased production and new handmade items created regularly. All of our products are Made with quality materials and all Artwork posted including the branding is designed by Emi the owner. 
This Brand is Focused on Trinkets such as, Jewelry, trinkets as well as Accessories and artwork targeted at the most unique taste and extraordinary people. Each piece in the trinket section is made uniquely no pair are alike! 
If you love to be the only one to own something our trinket section is calling for you! 
Looking For Graphic Design Services? Check out the Graphic Design Tab and see what the artist has to offer professionally and personally!
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