Crystal and Stone

Crystal and Stone

Hey Beauties!

When picking Crystals Wheather it be a pendant from our shop or out at your local crystal shop its important to know the Metaphysical Properties and the zodiac and chakras associated with them! This blog should help you when picking the right crystal or stone for you!

What are Metaphysical Properties? Metaphysical Properties are the belief in the supernatural healing effects and aids of crystals and stones. These beliefs are known all throughout history dating back to the creation of the earth and the universe. 

Crystals and stones come from the earth and in which are believed to possess  many metaphysical properties from grounding to protection from negative auras or energy that exists around us in everyday life.

Have you ever felt negative vibes off of someone or bad intentions when someone enters your presence to the point you have a bad feeling? Would you believe me if I told you that its your intuition? Metaphysical properties of crystals may help alleviate the load from the energy around you with just some basic background knowledge and knowing what to wear or carry with you. These come from the earth and nature,  I would definitely say that they are the purest form of energy and beauty that comes straight from the ground.

Here is the first 10 crystals that have been made into pendants in our shop so far we hope this gives insight on your crystal adventures.

 Disclosure: I am not a metaphysical expert, nor is any of the information given meant to be medical advice. These are just my beliefs and knowledge gained on my own spiritual journey.


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