Covid the Trials and Styles

Covid the Trials and Styles

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We are out of 2020 but man, doesn’t it feel like we are still in it? The pandemic is still out there claiming lives and businesses. Last year, we watched companies big and small struggle to make ends meet and keep their doors open and the unemployment rate go through the roof. This was a huge hit to many families and business owners. However, what else happened last year that grew from the pandemic? We got Community, neighbors and family went out of their way to make sure their loved ones and friends had everything they needed. We had people tap into their inner skills and talents a lot of people probably didn’t know they had or they finally had a chance to practice them. Now we are in 2021 more and more people are starting to open up small shops and we are all here for it!


Which brings me to my next topic. Can we talk about how masks are the new trend? We go out to the grocery store, to eat, even just outside and it is mandatory that we wear these masks. Now, we find masks in all shapes sizes and styles everywhere to protect ourselves from this deadly Virus. Personally, I love that as a country and community we see more and more businesses changing their methods and typical products to include COVID necessities and products to ease this pandemic lifestyle we have had to adapt to. I also have one that I would love to share with you all.


Now, we know that we can find Masks in all different sizes colors and designs but what about something to hold them? I have come up with some cute beaded Mask Chains that can be customized and come in handy! I currently wear one on a daily for work and seriously love it! It’s so much easier for me a forgetful person to keep my mask on me in public or when I’m out at all times! Forget putting your mask in your pocket or on surfaces that can bring bacteria and germs to your mask, just wear it around your neck. It’s as easy as clipping the chain to your mask, wearing it around your neck and simply just putting it on when you need it through out your day! No more forgetting your mask in the car and having to go back for it (I see this way too often). Now you can fight COVID in style and ease! 


Intrigued? Wanna Put my Mask Chains to the test?


Once you have one and try it out you’ll never wanna leave home without it from what I’ve heard from clients who’ve took the leap and tried them out.


You can find and purchase these beauties right on my site! 


Just Click the trinkets tab on your menu and select Mask Chains and you can pick from the ones made or message me on my social media pages @emis.trinkets or Email me to have personalized ones made! 


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